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Historical novel
A Turn for Home

ISBN 978-0-965-0987-4-8

Charlie Harrison is a widowed, retired country doctor residing in the little village of Keswick, outside Charlottesville, Virginia. In his eyes, he's just another old man now, confronting that question we all will ask one day, "Did I ever make a difference?"


Yet now destiny courts magic. With his granddaughter’s husband missing in Vietnam, Roe vs. Wade dividing the country, and the shadows of Watergate creeping into the headlines, America is suddenly blessed with a miracle.


For this is a story that stirs the soul, contrasting the parallels of human conflict old and new with almost forgotten, but wonderful events that will make your heart soar.

$20 plus $4.50 shipping, $1 shipping each additional copy

Old Alleghany

The Life and Wars of General Ed Johnson

ISBN 978-0-965-0987-3-7

Clemmer pursued Maj. Gen. Ed Johnson's never-told, extraordinary story despite colleagues' warnings of little original source material. His diligent research over a dozen years discovered two notable caches of Johnson letters and a treasure trove of primary records. The resultant biography, Old Alleghany: The Life and Wars of General Ed Johnson is the definitive history of the man and in 2005, won the Douglas Southall Freeman History Award as the book of highest merit in the field of Southern history.

Previous winners include:
- Stonewall Jackson: The Man, The Soldier, The Legend by James I. Robertson
- The Last Review by Pulitzer prize-winning author Virginius Dabney

- Stonewall Jackson at Cedar Mountain by Bob Krick

- Fighting for the Confederacy: The Personal Recollections of General Edward Porter Alexander, edited by Gary W. Gallagher


$40 plus $4.50 shipping, $1 shipping each additional copy


Recipients of the Confederate Medal of Honor.
Valor in Gray

The Recipients of the Confederate Medal of Honor

ISBN 978-0-965-0987-1-0 Softbound


Although quietly displayed in a wide variety of public settings, the Confederate Medal of Honor remains one of the rarest and least known decorations for American battlefield valor. Among the recipients are but a few well-known names. Most served as obscure, enlisted soldiers who embraced the cataclysmic challenges of their time, then when faced with the life and death trials of the battlefield, rose “above and beyond the call of duty.” Their valor is American valor. And American valor, be it in Blue or in Gray, is the shared heritage of all Americans. Here for the first time, through the efforts of author Gregg Clemmer are their stories.

Softbound $30 plus $4.50 shipping, $1 shipping each additional copy

Hardbound $40 plus $4.50 shipping, $1 shipping each additional copy


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